Brand "RUSSIAN CHICORY" was established in 2004 our company as the first and the only brand which produced a variety of products from chicory, made in Russia, thanks to the fact that our enterprise has a complete production cycle - from harvesting the roots to their full multi-stage processing into finished packaged products which are delivered to the shelves of all formats.

In a world ruled by mass production and abundance are treated as Givens, the crucial role is played by the quality.

The name "Russian chicory" is very clearly associated by consumers with high quality, which provides Russian producer!

The brand "FITODAR" created by our company in 2012.
The market is in perpetual search of something new, tasty, and most importantly natural and not harmful to health. Our production facilities and our team of professionals help us to constantly improve has products and to launch new, meet the needs of the consumer.
The brand reflects the idea that all the benefits of vitamins and other vital substances can be obtained from natural products. Quality for quality!
"ZDRAVKO" - is actively developing a modern brand, created on the basis of one of the leading traders of Russian tea and coffee market.
Our mission is to providing customers with high quality natural product from chicory without the addition of dyes, preservatives and GMOs, at affordable prices. Russian natural products for us is a synonym of quality, and most importantly for our company.

Historically, the Yaroslavl region has always provided not only their own needs in the production of vegetable growing and gardening, but was also a supplier of these quality local products to neighboring regions and Moscow market.

CJSC "Eremeevskoe" was founded in 1971 for the implementation of the processing and harvesting of vegetables and fruit grown on land in the Yaroslavl region.
The company has released a variety of fruit and vegetable canned products, fruit juices and drinks, popular among the residents of the city of Yaroslavl, the Yaroslavl and neighboring areas of Moscow region under the brand's own production company. The products under the brand "Eremeevskoe" meant and means the natural content and high quality.

VITODAR- a young but already loved by many of our loyal customers of the brand.
The primary trend in the market today - to get a quality product, attractive design at a very affordable price.
This trend is reflected in the ideas of this brand.

TRADING-INDUSTRIAL COMPANY "STOKROS" is a modern, professional and efficient Russian company with over twenty years of work history.

The composition of the TPK "STOKROS" includes industrial and commercial enterprises, creating a group of companies.

Our group of companies has its own production complex, located in the city of Yaroslavl CJSC "Eremeevskoe", equipped with modern European equipment for processing, production and packaging of bulk products, as well as the production and bottling of extracted liquid and, paste products.

The technology team and our own laboratory our production company constantly develops and introduces modern technologies in the production of insoluble and soluble powders and concentrated products in such market segments as health and grocery store. We constantly work on the improvement of traditional technologies of production, and the development of new functional products with a complex raw material composition.

In the nearest plans of development of industrial enterprises - modernization of the equipment, the maximum automation of technological processes of production and placing on the market of interest to the consumer of goods.

Due to the fact that our company has a completely closed production cycle from raw material procurement to delivery of finished products to the stores, we accept orders for manufacturing of products under its own brands (STM) retail chains and distribution companies. We can offer You high quality products at attractive prices.

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